Downlights, bulbs and transformers for halogen-lighting
Downlights, ceiling-lights, suspended-lights, bulbs, for metal-halide-lighting
Downlights and suspended-lights, bulbs for high-pressure-sodium-lamps (Philips White Son, SDW-T)
 T5 fluorescent light fixtures and tubes
light fixtures and tubes for T5
 LED light bars
Inexpensive LED light bars, in aluminium enclosure, covered by acrylic glass, linkable
 LED strips
Flexible LED strips with high luminous power
 LED flexstrips
LED strips in robust flexible plastic shell, length 50 m.
 Addressable LED strips
Flexible LED strips with with individually addressable RGB LEDs (e.g. use for LED flow lights)
 Dot-free COB-LED-strips
Flexible LED strips continual light band, dot-free (without any visible led)
 T5 led lights
LED lights in T5 luminaires style, linkable (up to 20 m)
 LED panel lights
Very bright LED panels lights in various versions, e.g. very flat and extreme bright panel lights
 LED Backlight Lightboxes
LED panel lights for easy and fast backlighting of photos and graphics. From A4 to 120 x 60 cm
 LED exhibition lights
Very bright led exhibiton lights, easy installation, can be looped through
 LED spotlights
Very bright led spotlights, high quality aluminium body
 LED lattice lights
Very bright led lattice lights for easy and fast backlighting of large areas
 LED Cylinder Lights
LE lights for lighted picture cubes and light pillars
 LED track lights
High power led track lights
 LED side lighting modules
Very bright led side lighting modules for single and double side lightboxes and displays. Available as RGB version for coloured backlighting as well
 LED neon strips
Flexible LED strips continual light band, dot-free (without any visible led)
 LED lighting sheet
Flexible sheets, equipped with LEDs in high density, for extremly bright backlighting
 LED downlights with adjustable CCT
LED downlights with adjustable color temperaure (CCT): 3000 K, 4000 K, 6000 K switchable
 LED Controllers
Controllers für LED strips and LED lights: RGB controllers, dimmers, mini-controllers
 LED Aluminium Profiles
Aluminium profiles for led strips
 LED High Bay Lights
Lights for industry, production, logistics and warehouses, for workshops and sales halls

230 V / 110 V

181.00 EUR
(at 1 pcs)


349.70 EUR
(at 1 pcs)

Tool transf.

493.00 EUR
(at 1 pcs)


198.00 EUR
(at 1 pcs)